Thanks4follow Documentation :

You can also have a look to the FAQ : FAQ

Thanks4follow (T4F) is an application that will let you to manage easily your new followers and your welcome message. This (or these) welcome message(s) could be customized and could be send to your timeline.

Here are the features of the Thanks4follow application :

Some of these features are only available on premium accounts :

  • Manage multiple twitter accounts
  • Multilingual messages !
  • Timeline or direct messages !
  • Customize followers message
  • Twitt message in one click
  • Twitt on the fly
  • Automatic send option
  • Different plans : Free/FreePlus/Premium

Note that T4F is just an helper, this means that T4F will never post automatic messages to your Timeline by default. You decide when you want to post your message(s)The automatic feature is only available on premium accounts : Plans / Prices

Here are the different steps to use T4F:

  • Create an account
  • Login to your account
  • Declare your Twitter account(s) and customize your welcome messages
  • Sign in with Twitter for each account
  • Usage of T4F

Navigate through the different tabs for each steps.

Account creation

You first need to create an account on T4F. This is easy and free !.
You can signup here : Create an account on T4F
Fill the fields as shown below to create your account.
You will then receive an email to confirm your account.
You will then need to click on the link in this email to activate your account on T4F.



After you confirmed your account (by cklicking the link on the email send by Thansk4follow) , you can login at the homepage to connect to your T4F account.
Just enter your login and your password.


Declare your Twitter account(s) and customize your welcome messages

You need now to declare your twitter account. This will allow T4F to record the followers you have and manage them in order to show the new ones since your last connexion to T4F.

In order to create correct messages for your Twitter timeline, you have to use a keyword in your messages : #FOLLOWERS# (Be careful ! case sensitive !). This will allow T4F to replace this keywords with the new followers on your Twitter account. You have examples below on the screnshot.

Create account

You can declare messages in multi languages. With this Thanks4follow will detect your new followers native language and then thanks them in the correct languages as you specified

Create account

Sign in with Twitter

In order to T4F to be able to send messages on your timeline (note : that will not be done automatically, you decide when you would send messages), you have to sign in with Twitter by clicking the next button in your admin panel.

If you don't do that, T4F will not work.

After you have signed in, T4F will record immediatly your followers to initialze the list. The next time you will login (after a 2 hours delay) , if you have followers you will be able to see your messages you could send.

Usage of T4F

In your admin panel, you will see the following display :

If you have new followers, T4F will show you them as below :

you can decide if you publish those messages on your timeline now or the next time you will login (for example if you prefer to have more than one new followers displayed.

If you decide to publish to your timeline, just click the green square Twitter icon, if all is OK T4F will inform you that the messages have been posted to your twitter timeline. After that, the followers list will be cleared, and T4F will inform you the next time you'll login if any new followers are available. And so on....

Note : If you want to clear your followers (and so don't send messages on your timeline) , and start a new clean recording, you could just click on the 'Reset your followers on T4F'.