Thanks4follow FAQ

  • No messages are sent automatically, why ?
  • Thanks4follow allow you to create multiple customized messages in multiple twitter accounts in the Free level. The application is just an helper, this means that you have to connect periodically to the website to check your new followers. You can choose to publish the message, or keep it when you will get more new followers. If you subscribe to Premium version, the automatic mode is enabled.
  • Why the admin panel is sometimes long to appear ?
  • Thanks4follow application connects to your twitter account(s) defined in the admin panel. Then, for each account, the application gets the last followers from and check which ones are news and gets also informations on them (name, location, and so on).
  • Why do I need to authorize with my twitter account ?
  • Thanks4follow application need to connect to your account in order to publish messages to your timeline or send direct message. So for this, you have to accept this process, no application can publish messages without the user authorization.